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One Year Bible Study

 The main focus of this section is to read the bible within a year and get closer to God. Each day I write quick notes with bullet points for my own personal reference. The quick notes may be understood better when you read the relating bible scripture reading. The most essential feature here is the bible reading and not the quick notes.

Day 1

January 01, 2018

Scripture reading for today

Genesis 1

Matthew 1

Psalm 1

Day 2

Scripture reading


Genesis 2-4

Matthew 2

Psalm 2

January 03, 2018

Daily scripture reading


Genesis 5-7

Mathew 3

Psalm 3

Day 4

Day 4

Daily scripture reading

Genesis 8-10

Matthew 4

Psalm 4

Day 5

Scripture reading for the day

Genesis 11-13

Matthew 5:1-20

Psalm 5

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